Who Won Today IPL Match – Discover the winner of today’s IPL match 2024! You can find out the match result, a summary of the match, who was awarded the Man of the Match, and the thrilling highlights. IPL 2024 started on March 23, 2024, with the debut match between TBD against TBD. You can view the complete IPL 2024 Schedule right here.

Who Won Today's IPL Match

Who Won Today’s IPL Match 2024

Today’s IPL 2024 MatchTBD vs TBD
IPL Match Number01
Timing07:30 PM IST
Who Won Today IPL 2024 Match ?
Todays IPL Match VenueNarendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

IPL Today’s Match Scores – Who Won Today IPL Match?

Today IPL Match Score – In today’s IPL match, both teams showcased impressive cricket skills, engaging in an intense battle that kept fans eagerly waiting for the final scores. The scoreboard was filled with runs, delighting the spectators.

The match was a close contest, with both teams giving their all. Yet, the winning team emerged victorious by scoring more runs than their opponents. The game was truly spectacular, and the scores accurately portrayed the top-notch cricket that was on display.

Today’s IPL 2024 Match Scores

Today’s IPL 2024 TBD vs TBD Match


Yesterday IPL Match Playing XI

Here are the IPL Yesterday Match Playing 11:

IPL Today Match Playing 11 TBD vs TBD

Who Scored Most Runs in Today’s IPL Match?

Today’s IPL Match Top Run Scorer – The player who scores the maximum runs for their respective team is regarded as the top scorer in Today IPL match.

IPL 2024 TBD vs TBD


Which Team Hit Most Boundaries in Today’s IPL Match?

Uncover the team that hit the maximum sixes in today’s IPL 2024 T20 match! Explore the total number of boundaries, including 4s and 6s, scored by each team. Get all the thrilling details about the team with the most boundaries in today’s match now!

IPL 2024 Today Match Most 4s, 6s

TeamTotal BoundariesCategory
4s –
6s –
4s –
6s – 

Who took Most Wickets in Today’s IPL Match?

Todays IPL Match Most Wickets – The player who takes the maximum number of wickets for their team is considered the Most Wicket Taker of the Match.

IPL 2024


Who Hit the Most Number of Sixes in Today’s IPL Match?

Today’s IPL 2024 Match Most Sixes – In a short format match, a player can cause a sudden shift in the match flow when they start hitting sixes. Therefore, it becomes imperative for players to strive for a high scoring standard by maximizing boundaries, making the most of the limited 120 balls available to them.

IPL 2024

No. of Sixes

Who Won Man of the Match Award in Today’s IPL Match?

Today’s IPL Man of the Match Winner – The Man of the Match award will honor the player who plays a crucial role in securing victory, either with the bat, ball, or both. The award winner will receive the prize amount at the end of the match.

IPL 2024


Today IPL Match Results 2024

Match No.Date and DayLast IPL MatchesMatch VenueIPL Yesterday Match Result


Who Scored Most Runs in Today’s IPL Match?

Most Run Scorer in IPL 2024 Today Match – __ scored the most Runs in Today’s IPL match.

Who took Most Wickets in Today’s IPL Match?

Most Wickets in IPL 2024 Today Match – __ take the most Wickets in Today’s IPL match.

Who was Player of the Match in Today’s IPL Match?

Today IPL Match Man Of the Match – __ was the MOM in Today’s IPL match.

Who hit Most Boundries in Today’s IPL Match?

Most 4s and 6s in Today’s IPL Match – was hit most boundries in Today IPL match.

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