Who Is the Batsman In the IPL Logo? The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world, with millions of passionate fans. Since its inaugural season in 2008, the IPL has become a global phenomenon.

The IPL logo is a striking symbol of the league’s popularity and prestige. It features a batsman hitting a shot with a flourish, while the letters IPL are written in bold and colorful fonts. But who is the batsman in the IPL logo? This question has intrigued many cricket fans over the years, and there are several theories about his identity. In this article, we will trace the history of the IPL logo, examine the theories about who is player in the IPL logo?

Who Is the Batsman In the IPL Logo?

Who Is The Batsman In The IPL Logo?

One of the most iconic parts of the IPL brand is its logo, which features a batsman in full flight. But the identity of this batsman has been a source of mystery and debate among fans.

Some people believe that the batsman is Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian cricketer who played for Mumbai Indians in the IPL. They point out that the logo resembles his trademark straight drive, and that he was one of the most influential figures in the league’s inception.

Others argue that the batsman is Brendon McCullum, the explosive New Zealand opener who played for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. They cite the fact that he scored the first ever century in the IPL, and that his aggressive style of batting matched the league’s ethos.

A third theory suggests that the batsman is Adam Gilchrist, the former Australian captain and wicket-keeper who played for Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. They claim that the logo depicts his signature pull shot, and that he was one of the most successful and popular players in the league.

However, the truth is that the batsman in the IPL logo is not based on any specific player, but rather a generic representation of a cricketer. The logo was designed by Ogilvy & Mather, a global advertising agency, in 2008. The agency wanted to create a logo that would capture the essence of the league, which was to showcase the best of cricket in India and the world.

The logo was inspired by the Dhoni Helicopter Shot, a unique stroke invented by Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, where he swings the bat in a circular motion and hits the ball over the leg side. The agency felt that this shot embodied the spirit of the IPL, which was to be innovative, exciting, and entertaining. The logo was also meant to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from hardcore cricket fans to casual viewers.

History Of The IPL Logo

The IPL logo is a stunning representation of the league’s brand identity and appeal. It shows a batsman playing a powerful shot with a lion’s roar, a symbol of courage, strength, and pride. The logo also has a crown and a trophy, which signify the glory and honor of winning the IPL title.

The logo reflects the IPL’s vision of being a world-class cricketing event, where the best players from India and abroad compete for the ultimate prize. The logo was created by VentureThree, a UK-based design agency, in 2008.

Unraveling the Mystery Behind the IPL Logo

For years, people had different ideas about who the cricketer in the IPL logo really was. Cricket experts decided to find out the truth once and for all. They wanted to know which player actually inspired the famous picture.

Confirmation of the Logo’s Inspiration

In 2017, Aakash Chopra, a well-known Indian commentator and former player, revealed that the batsman in the IPL logo is based on Bangladeshi all-rounder Mashrafe Mortaza.

Mashrafe Mortaza Unveiled as the Inspiration

Chopra explained that the logo was inspired by a shot Mashrafe played in a 2007 World Cup match. Since the logo was created before 2008, this shot served as the visual reference.

Connection to IPL Timing

The timing also makes sense because Mashrafe’s shot was one of the few related images on the internet when the IPL started. This evidence confirms that Mashrafe Mortaza is the inspiration behind the logo.

Addressing Persistent Theories

Even with these revelations, some fans insisted that the batsman is AB de Villiers. But the facts prove this theory wrong:

Why It’s Not AB de Villiers

The logo was made before de Villiers joined the IPL in 2011, so it couldn’t be based on him. The similar style is just a coincidence.

Other Evidence Dismissing Theories

Similarly, theories about players like Yousuf, Lara, and Sehwag are also proven wrong because the logo was created before 2008.

Significance of Solving the Logo Mystery

Finding the truth about the IPL logo is important for keeping an accurate historical record. It also gives proper credit to Mashrafe for inspiring one of cricket’s most famous images. Solving the logo mystery shows how much fans care about the details of the game.


For a long time, people argued about who the batsman in the IPL logo really is. After careful research, experts confirmed it’s based on Mashrafe Mortaza, not AB de Villiers as some thought. This shows how every little detail in the IPL matters a lot to passionate cricket fans. Finding the truth honors Mashrafe and puts an end to a fascinating part of cricket history.


Who designed the original IPL logo?

The IPL logo was designed in 2008 by UK-based agency VentureThree.

When was the IPL founded?

The Indian Premier League was founded in 2008. The inaugural season was held from April to June of that year.

Who is the guy in IPL logo?

The man in the IPL Logo is Mashrafe Mortaza from World Cup 2007.

What is the story of IPL logo?

The IPL logo, created in 2007 before the inaugural season of the league in 2008, has four elements: a lion, a crown, a trophy, and a batsman. The lion symbolizes the courage and dominance of the IPL teams, the crown signifies the glory and honor of winning the IPL, the trophy represents the ultimate prize of the league, and the batsman depicts the skill and talent of the IPL players.

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