Today’s Cricket Match Weather Report: In the world of cricket, every swing, every spin, and every run can be influenced by the elements around us. And if there’s one element that players, spectators, and organizers keep a keen eye on, it’s the weather. In Today World Cup Match face-off between India and Sri Lanka. IND vs SL World Cup match at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai on Saturday, Nov 2nd, 2023. In this article, we will discuss about Today Match Weather Report – Today World Cup 2023 Match Weather Forecast Report.

Today's Match Weather Report

Today World Cup Match Weather Forecast

Today World Cup Match Weather Report: In the ICC ODI World Cup encounter between Sri Lanka and New Zealand, the looming threat of rain adds suspense to the game. Overcast skies have dominated Bengaluru since the early hours of Thursday, intensifying the possibility of a significant downpour later in the day.

The Meteorological Department forecasts a 75% likelihood of rain between 2 and 9 PM. Should the weather prevail, the much-anticipated match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand might face cancellation.

A cancellation of today’s fixture due to inclement weather could pave the way for Pakistan’s smooth passage to the semi-finals, while New Zealand’s qualification hopes would hinge on the outcomes of other competing teams.

Bright Skies Ahead: A Player’s Delight

Forecasters predict a clear sky for today’s match. This is excellent news for players and spectators alike. Clear skies mean that there will be no interruption due to rain, ensuring that we get to witness a full-length game. Batsmen can take delight in the consistent visibility, enabling them to time their shots better, while bowlers can make the most of a dry pitch.

Temperature and Humidity: The Invisible Game Changers

Today’s temperature is expected to hover around a pleasant 25°C. This moderate temperature ensures that players can maintain their stamina and energy throughout the match. A temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold is always a blessing in cricket.

However, with a humidity level predicted to be around 60%, players will need to ensure they’re well-hydrated. High humidity levels can often lead to quick exhaustion, especially for fast bowlers who exert themselves more during their spell.

Wind Factor: Swing Bowlers’ Best Friend

The wind is expected to blow at a moderate pace from the west. This can be a significant factor for the bowlers, especially those who rely on swing and seam. With the wind supporting, we might see some dramatic inswings and outswings today. Batsmen will need to be wary of this and adjust their stance and technique accordingly.

UV Index: Safety First

With the sun shining bright, today’s UV index is predicted to be on the higher side. Players, especially those fielding, should ensure they have ample sun protection. Sunscreen, caps, and sunglasses will be the order of the day. Spectators, too, should take necessary precautions to avoid any undue exposure.


Weather plays a pivotal role in the game of cricket. While today’s forecast looks promising for an uninterrupted game of exciting cricket, it’s always the unexpected twists and turns – both in the weather and the game – that make cricket the thrilling sport it is.

Always remember, whether you’re a player or a spectator, to be prepared for the weather’s vagaries. So, grab your sunscreen, put on your favorite team’s jersey, and get ready for a day of enthralling cricket action!