RTA Sports Live Cricket Streaming – For a cricket fans in Afghanistan, the act of watching cricket carries immense significance. Familiar to those in Afghanistan, RTA Sports stands as the official national sports channel. The option of freely accessing RTA Sports live cricket streaming is readily available, enabling you to effortlessly tune into today’s match via the internet.

RTA Sports serves as a comprehensive hub for sports content within Afghanistan. This platform presents live coverage of both local and global sporting spectacles, encompassing not only cricket but also football and various other sports. Whether you opt for television, the official website, or the dedicated app, RTA Sports provides diverse avenues for enjoying live cricket streaming. Here is complete details on How to Watch Today Match on RTA Sports Live.

RTA Sports Live Cricket Streaming

How to Watch RTA Sports Live Cricket Streaming

RTA (National Radio Television Afghanistan) stands out as the primary public broadcasting institution in Afghanistan. It sends out various forms of media using radio waves and cable television networks. Among Afghans, RTA Sports holds the title of the national sports channel, under the ownership of the Afghan government and commonly referred to as “mili tv.”

The purpose of RTA Sports is to televise significant sports occurrences both within Afghanistan’s borders and beyond. With RTA Sports’ live Cricket Streaming, you can revel in cricket games. This encompasses not only Afghanistan’s local cricket scene but also cricket competitions taking place worldwide.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Experience the thrill of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 through live streaming on RTA Sports. The cricketing universe is abuzz with anticipation for this illustrious tournament. Enthusiastic fans are eagerly awaiting the tournament’s commencement to immerse themselves in its live streaming action. With RTA Sports Live, you’re guaranteed to never miss a single match of this captivating championship.

Asia Cup 2023 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Tune in to the live streaming of Asia Cup 2023 on RTA Sports. Afghanistan holds a crucial role in this tournament and is celebrated for its exceptional showings. Mark your calendars for the Asia Cup, happening from August 30 to September 17, 2023. For cricket enthusiasts in Afghanistan, RTA Sports Live is the go-to platform to enjoy the live broadcast of this event.

IPL 2024 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Catch the excitement of IPL live streaming on RTA Sports. The enthusiasm of IPL fans knows no limits. As the league progresses, fans are on the lookout for a reliable platform to witness the tournament in real time. RTA Sports is bringing you IPL 2024 Live Streaming right in Afghanistan. Accessing RTA Sports is as simple as tuning in to the TV channel on your cable network.

PSL 2024 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Catch all the excitement of Pakistan Super league, PSL, through live streaming on RTA Sports. This captivating cricket league is capturing the interest of viewers all around the world. In Afghanistan, you can watch every single PSL match live on RTA Sports. Thanks to RTA Sports’ official website and app, you have the freedom to enjoy its live streaming at your convenience, no matter where you are.

BPL 2024 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Experience BPL Live Streaming on RTA Sports. The Bangladesh Premier League is in full swing, delighting fans. RTA Sports offers HD quality live streaming of BPL, ensuring a satisfying experience without glitches. What’s more, numerous national experts provide insightful analysis of the live tournaments through RTA Sports’ cricket-related programs.

LPL 2024 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Watch the action unfold with LPL Live Streaming on RTA Sports, your gateway to the Sri Lanka Premier League. Get ready to be captivated as the league’s excitement comes to life. RTA Sports brings you seamless live streaming of the matches, ensuring an immersive experience without any interruptions. Don’t miss a moment of the Sri Lanka Premier League – tune in to RTA Sports and be a part of the action!

BBL 2024 Live Streaming on RTA Sports

Experience the thrill of BBL Live Streaming on RTA Sports, your ultimate destination for the Big Bash League action. Get ready to be entertained as the league’s excitement unfolds before your eyes. RTA Sports brings you seamless live streaming of the matches, ensuring a dynamic experience without any disruptions.

How to Access Live Cricket Streaming on RTA Sports?

RTA Sports Live stands as a prominent live sports TV channel in Afghanistan, providing real-time broadcasts of cricket matches. Your direct link to watching your cherished cricket matches live rests with accessing RTA Sports.

To access live cricket coverage via RTA TV Afghanistan Live Streaming, familiarize yourself with the designated channel number for RTA Sports on your cable network. By simply tuning in to this specific channel number, you can conveniently enjoy your preferred cricket tournaments.

RTA Sport Satellite/Frequency Information

PositionSatelliteBeamEIRP (dBW)FrequencySystemSRFECSource
52.0°ETurkmenÄlem/Monaco SatEast5110887 VDVB-SMPEG-4HD 720275002/3M Hajdú191112

Where to watch RTA Sports Live Cricket Streaming?

To access RTA Sports and today’s RTA Sports Schedule, simply utilize its application and website. Familiarize yourself with the straightforward process of accessing your preferred cricket match on RTA Sports Live.

  • Go to the matches section and pick cricket from the options.
  • Find the live cricket streaming under the cricket section.
  • Initiate the live streaming and customize the video quality according to your preference.
  • You can apply these exact steps on the RTA Sports application as well. To do so, download RTA Sports Live on your mobile devices.

RTA Sports Live App

Ensuring you don’t miss out on your cherished cricket match hinges on possessing the RTA Sports Live Download. The official RTA Sports application is easily attainable via Android and Apple stores, as well as RTA Sports Live APK. This app serves as a portal to bring all cricket-related content right into your hands.

  1. New Update Reminders: Set alerts for fresh updates.
  2. Real-Time Live Cricket Streaming: Experience live cricket action in real-time.
  3. High-Quality Live Streaming: Enjoy seamless, high-definition live streaming without interruptions.
  4. Live Scores and Rankings: Stay updated with live scores, team standings, and point tables.
  5. Free Access: No subscription fees required for using the application.

RTA Sports Live Supported Devices

RTA Sports, the government-operated channel in Afghanistan, offers live cricket streaming. You can conveniently enjoy uninterrupted live cricket streaming on RTA Sports across a variety of devices, ensuring a top-notch experience.

These devices include:

  • iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV
  • PC and desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Android phones and Android TV

RTA Sports Alternatives Channels


What is the RTA Sport Frequency?

RTA SPORTS originates in Afghanistan and can be accessed through MonacoSat 52.0° East, operating on the frequency 10887 MHz V.

What is the RTA Sports Biss Key?

RTA Sports Biss Key: 12 7A BC 48 45 6A BB 6A

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