Most Runs Conceded in an Innings in ODI World Cup: As time progresses, cricket has undeniably quickened its pace. Previously, a score of 260 was considered formidable and defendable, but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, teams effortlessly chase down totals exceeding 300. This shift can be attributed to the escalating strike rates of batters, leaving bowlers to bear the brunt of this evolution in the game. Also read Hat-Tricks in ODI World Cup.

List of Most Runs Conceded in an inning in ODI World Cup

Most Runs Conceded in an Innings in ODI World Cup History

Throughout the ODI World Cup’s history, there have been occasions when bowlers have regrettably faced the onslaught of some aggressive and powerful batting performances.

Martin Lewis 0/113 in 10 overs vs South Africa

On March 12, 2006, during a match between Australia and South Africa in Johannesburg, Martin Lewis experienced a day he’d likely prefer to forget. Bowling 10 overs, Lewis conceded an astonishing 113 runs without claiming any wickets. Struggling with an economy rate of 11.30, he found it challenging to restrain the South African batsmen, who persistently assailed the bowling attack.

This unfortunate turn of events saw Lewis securing a place in the record books, albeit for a reason he’d likely prefer not to – conceding the most runs in an innings in ODI World Cup history.

Wahab Riaz – 0/110 in 10 overs vs England

Wahab Riaz finds his name alongside Lewis’s in this unwelcome record. On August 30, 2016, in a clash between Pakistan and England in Nottingham, Riaz faced a challenging day, hemorrhaging 110 runs in his 10 overs while failing to secure any wickets.

Despite his utmost efforts, the English batsmen showed no mercy, leading to an economy rate of 11.00 for Riaz. His experience that day served as a stark reminder of the uncompromising and relentless nature of cricket.

Rashid Khan – 0/110 in 9 overs vs England

During a World Cup 2019 match at Old Trafford, a formidable English team amassed a staggering 397/6. Eoin Morgan played a pivotal role with his explosive 148-run innings, proving particularly devastating for Rashid Khan, who is usually renowned as a wicket-taking bowler. Morgan’s relentless aggression threw Khan off his rhythm, marking it as his most costly spell in the game.

List of Most Runs Conceded in an inning in ODI World Cup

Here is the Most Runs Conceded innings in ICC ODI World Cup List:

PlayerTeamAgainstRuns Conceded EconGroundYear
Mick LewisAustraliaSouth Africa11311.3Johannesburg2006
Wahab RiazPakistanEngland11011Nottingham2016
Rashid KhanAfghanistanEngland11012.22Manchester2019
Philippe BoissevainNetherlandsEngland10810.8Amstelveen2022
Bhuvneshwar KumarIndiaSouth Africa10610.6Wankhede2015

Cricket enthusiasts are brimming with anticipation for the forthcoming ODI World Cup, set to unfold in India in October 2023. The recollection of these record-shattering innings stands as a testament to the game’s unpredictable essence. Globally, fans are on the edge of their seats, looking forward to the championship where the cream of the crop from various cricketing nations will vie for the prestigious trophy.

In India, a nation where cricket is almost a religion, the anticipation for the upcoming World Cup is palpable. The fervent cricket aficionados are ardently awaiting the championship on their native soil, nurturing hopes of witnessing their national team ascend to victory. The excitement to watch their cherished players live, cheering them on from the stands and through screens, is set to generate an electrifying ambiance unique to cricket.

As the clock ticks down to the ODI World Cup 2023, cricket aficionados from every corner of the globe are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the tournament. They hope to be spectators to a spectacle of extraordinary talent, moments that will be etched in memory, and a competition that will pen new, thrilling chapters in the illustrious annals of cricket.


Who Conceded the maximum runs in an innings in ODI World Cup?

Mick Lewis against South Africa in 2006.

Which Bowler has Conceded Most Runs in an ODI World Cup Match?

Mick Lewis (Australia) 0/113 in 10 overs against South Africa in 2006.

What is the most expensive 10 over in ODI World Cup history?

The most expensive 10 overs in ODI World Cup history was bowled by Rashid Khan of Afghanistan against England in the 2019 World Cup. Khan conceded 110 runs in his 9 overs, without taking a wicket.

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