MI IPL Playoffs History: The history of the Indian Premier League bears witness to Mumbai Indians emerging as the most successful franchise in IPL. Their victory tally stands at an impressive five championships, clinched in the years 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020, respectively. Mumbai Indians performance in IPL finals remains nothing short of impeccable. Mumbai Indians have remarkably advanced to the grand finale on six occasions, securing victory in five of those instances.

Furthermore, their participation extends to ten playoffs, solidifying their consistent prowess. Remarkably, Mumbai Indians stand as the only team to win the IPL Final title five times, showcasing their dominance in the league.

In this article we will talk about Mumbai Indians records in the IPL playoffs and their performances.

How many times MI Qualify for Playoffs in IPL History

MI IPL Playoffs History

Here are the complete details on How many times MI qualify for playoffs in IPL history.

MI in IPL 2010 – Runners-up

In 2010, MI secured their inaugural playoffs spot by reaching the semi-finals. They dominated the group stage with an impressive tally of 10 victories out of 14 matches. During the semi-final match against RCB, MI showcased their prowess and clinched a convincing 35-run victory, propelling them to their maiden IPL final.

However, luck was not on their side in the ultimate showdown as they faced CSK. Despite their efforts, MI fell short by 22 runs, concluding the tournament as runners-up.

MI in IPL 2011 – 3rd Place

Mumbai had a good performance in the 2011 season, ending up in the third position during the group stage by securing nine wins out of 14 matches. This led them to the Eliminator match against KKR, which they won with a four-wicket margin, advancing to Qualifier 2.

Unfortunately, their journey came to an end as they faced a defeat in Qualifier 2 against RCB by a margin of 43 runs, landing them in the third position overall.

MI in IPL 2012 – 4th Place

In the 2012 season, MI once more made it to the playoffs, securing the third spot in their group after winning 10 out of 16 matches. However, their stride faltered during the Eliminator match, where they faced a 38-run defeat against Chennai Super Kings, ultimately concluding the season in the fourth position.

MI in IPL 2013 – Winner

IPL 2013 Winner: MI clinched victory in the 2013 season. They secured the second spot during the group stage, winning 11 out of 16 matches. Despite losing Qualifier 1 to CSK by 48 runs, they rebounded by defeating the Rajasthan Royals in Qualifier 2, advancing to the final match. In a thrilling final showdown, they triumphed over CSK by 23 runs, claiming their first-ever IPL championship title.

MI in IPL 2014 – 4th Place

Following their victory in the 2013 season, MI earned a spot in the 2014 playoffs. Their performance in the group stage consisted of seven wins out of 14 games, securing them the fourth position. This led them to the Eliminator match, where their journey concluded with a defeat by CSK, who emerged victorious with a seven-wicket lead.

MI in IPL 2015 – Winner

IPL 2015 Winner: Following the 2014 season, the Mumbai Indians continued their playoff streak, making their third consecutive appearance in 2015. In the group stage, MI secured the second position with 8 victories out of 14 matches. Their success carried into Qualifier 1, where they triumphed over CSK, securing a spot in the final.

However, CSK managed to secure a place in the final by defeating RCB in Qualifier 2. The grand finale witnessed a rematch between the two teams. MI emerged victorious once again, this time with a 41-run lead over the Yellow Army, capturing their second IPL championship title.

MI in IPL 2017 – Winner

Following the 2015 season, MI continued their journey to the playoffs in 2017. They achieved a strong record by winning 10 out of 14 games, securing the top spot in the group stage. Although they faced a defeat in Qualifier 1 against the Rising Pune Supergiants, they were granted another chance in Qualifier 2 against KKR.

Demonstrating their prowess, MI secured a comfortable six-wicket victory, paving their way to the fourth IPL final.

In the ultimate showdown, they once again encountered the Pune Supergiant. This time, the thrilling match concluded in MI’s favor, as they emerged victorious by a single run, clinching their third championship title.

MI in IPL 2019 – Winner

MI replicated their success in the 2019 season too. Dominating the group stage, they secured the top position with nine victories out of 14 matches. This time, MI’s path to the finals was smoother as they triumphed in Qualifier 1 against CSK, earning a direct qualification.

Nevertheless, the 2019 IPL final witnessed a rematch between CSK and MI. Continuing their trend, MI emerged triumphant once more, sealing their fourth IPL title with a narrow one-run victory.

MI in IPL 2020 – Winner

MI achieved a remarkable feat by securing the IPL championship in 2019, and they managed to replicate their success in the following season. In the 2020 season, Mumbai once again claimed the top spot in the group stage, tallying nine victories out of 14 matches.

During Qualifier 1, they dominated the Delhi Capitals, winning by a significant margin of 57 runs, and thereby securing their place in the sixth IPL final.

In the final showdown, MI faced the Delhi Capitals once more and emerged victorious yet again, this time with a five-wicket lead, won their fifth IPL title.

Mumbai Indians IPL Playoffs History

Here is the List of How many times MI Qualify for Playoffs in IPL History?

SeasonGroup StandingFinal Standing
20101st out of 8Runners Up
20113rd out of 10Playoff
20123rd out of 9Playoff
20132nd out of 9Champions
20144th out of 8Playoff
20152nd out of 8Champions
20171st out of 8Champions
20191st out of 8Champions
20201st out of 8Champions
20234th out of 10Playoff


How many times Mumbai Indians qualify for playoffs in IPL?

MI qualified for IPL Final: 10 Times.

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