Fastest Fifties in ODI World Cup History – Get ready for the ODI World Cup 2023 begins on October 5th and India is the host for the very first time. Cricket is a much-loved game in India, enjoyed by people in nearly every household. This major event promises loads of fun for everyone. In the past 48 years, only six teams have had the honor of raising the prestigious gold and silver trophy.

Cricket becomes incredibly thrilling when the batters start smacking the ball all around. Sometimes, batters hit the ball so forcefully that it sails over the boundary lines. Watching this is a real treat! When a batter steps up to bat, their first wish is to start well. After that, they aim to score either fifty runs or a hundred runs quite a feat in cricket!

Looking ahead to the 2023 ODI World Cup, which India will host, fans might witness more electrifying and swift fifties from batters. The pitches in the subcontinent generally favor such performances. Players like Shubman Gill and Jonny Bairstow possess the capability to attain rapid half-centuries. Also read, Virat Kohli’s Centuries List.

Let’s delve into the Fastest Fifties in World Cup History.

Fastest Fifties in World Cup History

Fastest Fifties in World Cup

Here is the list of players who scored the fastest 50 in World Cup History.

PlayerOpposition TeamBallsVenueDate
BB McCullum (NZ)Eng18Wellington20-Feb-15
BB McCullum (NZ)Can20Gros Islet22-Mar-07
AD Mathews (SL)Scot20Hobart11-Mar-15
GJ Maxwell (Aus)Afgh21Perth04-Mar-15
MV Boucher (SA)Neth21Basseterre16-Mar-07
BB McCullum (NZ)Aus21Auckland28-Feb-15
MV Boucher (SA)WI22St George’s10-Apr-07
Dinesh Chandimal (SL)Aus22Sydney08-Mar-15
BB McCullum (NZ)SA22Auckland24-Mar-15
BC Lara (WI)Can23Centurion23-Feb-03

Fastest Fifty In World Cup History

Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket World Cup History: Some players step onto the field with one clear aim to score runs as quickly as possible. These batters, fueled by their hunger for fast runs, often end up setting world records. Many batters in recent times have pushed their boundaries when it comes to achieving speedy half-centuries.

A standout among these extraordinary players is former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, renowned for his ‘Bazball’ style. He holds the record for the fastest fifty in this grand event.

In the 19th match of the ODI World Cup, New Zealand went up against England. England batted first but could only manage 123 runs. Chasing this target, the New Zealand team reached the goal in just 12.2 overs. McCullum, the captain at the time, played a pivotal role in this victory by securing a fifty in a mere 18 balls.

McCullum also holds second place on the list for the fastest half-centuries in the ODI World Cup. He displayed an extraordinary performance against Canada in the 2007 edition. Batting in the seventh position, McCullum achieved a stunning fifty in only 20 balls, which included 1 four and 5 sixes.


Who has the fastest fifty in ODI World Cup history?

McCullum created two records for the quickest 50s in the World Cup. In 2015, while facing England, he scored 77 runs and reached 50 in just 18 balls. Moreover, in the 2007 match against Canada, he accomplished a fifty in a mere 20 balls.

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