ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Best Bowling: Cricket aficionados worldwide eagerly anticipated the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, expecting a barrage of boundaries, masterful innings, and cunning bowling displays. While batting heroics often steal the limelight, it’s the bowlers who often set the stage for those epic victories. This year, the bowling performances were nothing short of mesmerizing, and it’s time to put the best of the best under the spotlight. Let’s delve into the Best Bowling in the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Best Bowling in ODI World Cup 2023, Who have Best Bowling Figures in World Cup 2023?

Best Bowling in the 2023 Cricket World Cup

ODI World Cup 2023 Details

AdministratorInternational Cricket Council
Cricket FormatOne Day International
CountriesAfghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Selection ProcedureRound-Robin and Knockout
Opening Match5 October 2023
Semi Final 1TBD
Semi Final 2TBD
Final Match19 November 2023
Participants Teams10
Total Matches played48
Official Websitehttps://www.cricketworldcup.com/

ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Stats

ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Best Bowling

** Following is the full list of the Best Bowling in ODI World Cup 2023. The Best Bowling in ODI World Cup 2023 list will be updated here right after the game ends. Stay tuned for regular updates!!!

1Mitchell SantnerNetherlands10.05955-595.90
2Reece TopleyBangladesh10.04344-4314.30
3Bas de LeedePakistan9.06244-626.89
4Mahedi HasanEngland8.07144-718.88
5Hasan AliSri Lanka10.07144-717.10
6Mehidy Hasan MirazAfghanistan9.02533-2532.78
7Ravindra JadejaAustralia10.02833-2822.80
8Shakib Al HasanAfghanistan8.03033-303.75
9Josh HazlewoodIndia9.03833-3814.22
10Matt HenryNetherlands8.34033-404.82
11Haris RaufNetherlands9.04333-434.78
12Matt HenryEngland10.04833-4814.80
13Gerald CoetzeeSri Lanka9.06833-687.56
14Shoriful IslamEngland10.07533-757.50
15Glenn PhillipsEngland3.01722-175.67
Best Bowling in ODI Cricket World Cup 2023

Understanding Bowling Brilliance

In cricket, it’s not just about taking wickets. It’s about the strategy, the context, the pressure, and the ability to turn the game on its head. A bowler’s performance is gauged by various metrics: economy rate, strike rate, number of maiden overs, and, of course, the number of wickets taken. But this World Cup had moments that transcended statistics.

A Historic Perspective

While it’s essential to celebrate the now, understanding the context makes [Player’s Name]’s feat even more impressive. Comparing his spell to past World Cups, it’s clear that pitches, weather conditions, and the evolution of cricketing gear have all influenced bowling dynamics. Yet, what remained constant is the sheer skill and mental fortitude required to bowl such a spell on cricket’s grandest stage.


The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 was not just another tournament; it was a testament to the undying spirit of the sport and the relentless pursuit of excellence by its players. Bowlers, especially [Player’s Name], added a glorious chapter to the annals of cricket history. As fans, analysts, and players reflect on the game’s nuances, one thing is certain: cricket remains an unpredictable and beautiful game, and performances like these make the wait for the next World Cup even more challenging.

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