11 Bowlers Who Bowled the First Ball in 11 Cricket World Cups: The Cricket World Cup, a spectacle watched by millions, embodies the spirit and passion of cricket. In this tournament, every ball, especially the very first one, etches a mark in cricketing history. Here, we’ll relive the moments created by the eleven bowlers who had the honor of bowling the first ball in each of the eleven World Cups.

Bowlers who bowled the first ball of the Cricket World Cups

1975: Madan Lal (India)

In 1975, the inaugural Cricket World Cup saw India’s Madan Lal rolling the first ball ever in World Cup history. His energetic delivery set the tone for a tournament that would become the pinnacle of one-day cricket.

1979: Geoff Arnold (England)

England’s Geoff Arnold opened the bowling in the 1979 World Cup, setting the stage for a tournament filled with memorable moments and remarkable cricketing feats.

1983: Roger Binny (India)

In 1983, Roger Binny from India delivered the opening ball, marking the start of a tournament that saw India lift the trophy, altering the cricketing landscape forever.

1987: Craig McDermott (Australia)

Australian pacer Craig McDermott unleashed the first delivery in 1987, setting the momentum for a World Cup that introduced innovations and saw Australia claim their first title.

1992: Wasim Akram (Pakistan)

Wasim Akram of Pakistan rolled out the inaugural ball in 1992. His lethal swing and pace set the bar high for a World Cup that introduced floodlights and rain rules.

1996: Manoj Prabhakar (India)

Manoj Prabhakar from India was the first to bowl in the 1996 World Cup, kicking off a tournament that showcased the subcontinent’s love for cricket and saw Sri Lanka emerge victorious.

1999: Geoff Allott (New Zealand)

New Zealand’s Geoff Allott led the charge in 1999, opening a tournament that witnessed some of the most thrilling matches and Australia’s dominance.

2003: Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka)

Chaminda Vaas of Sri Lanka bowled the first ball in 2003, marking the commencement of a tournament that was characterized by shock upsets and Australian supremacy.

2007: Nathan Bracken (Australia)

In 2007, Australia’s Nathan Bracken opened the bowling, paving the way for a World Cup marked by thrilling encounters and Australia’s third consecutive win.

2011: Shafiul Islam (Bangladesh)

Shafiul Islam of Bangladesh delivered the inaugural ball in 2011, initiating a World Cup that celebrated the diversity of cricket and culminated in India’s spectacular victory.

2015: Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Mitchell Starc, the Australian pacer, rolled out the first ball in 2015. His delivery marked the start of a tournament dominated by explosive cricket and Australia’s fifth triumph.

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